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Valve controller : LX2100

The LX2100 is a 4-way valve controller that can be used to control one valve with dual
air ports simultaneously. Its quick response internal pneumatic solenoid and its adjustable
timing interval from 0.01 to 99.99 seconds provide an infinite range of desired deposits 
with accuracy.      
When the foot pedal is pressed, air is supplied to the valve and the valve actuated. After a 
timed interval, the air is switched to the other port on each of the dual outlets closing the valve.
When coupled with an appropriate valve, the controller will deliver accurate and repeatable 
dots and beads for any dispensing application, whether automated or manually operated.

Specifications :

Size :  24 x 17 x 8cm
Timer mode dispensing time :
Manual mode dispensing time : Controlled by the foot pedal
Input voltage : 110V / 220V
Internal voltage : 24VDC
Air input : 70-100psi
Air output : 1-100psi
Weight :  3kg
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